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MERCES 2.0 | Off-White

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Expect to receive a lot of praise with a MERCES 2.0, your backpack and all-time companion. Wherever it goes, it draws attention for its minimalist design and impeccable finishes, you can remove it as backpack straps and use the MERCES 2.0 as a stylish maxi-bag.
MERÊS 2.0 comes with an exclusivity code that guarantees the authenticity of your ORNA, with a serial number that will be yours alone.
Length: 27cm | 10.6 inches
Height: 27 cm 10.6 inches
Depth: 9cm | 3.5 inches
Fixed Strap: 25 cm | 9.8 inches
Removable Strap: 70.5 cm | 27.7 inches
Metals: Dark nickel

Ingredients that are OUT of our formulas

On the top of everything listed above, all of our products are:

Parabens free.
Gluten free.
Ethyl Alcohol free.
Propylene Glycol free.