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Chocolate Face Mask

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What it is: Facial Mask that promotes intense hydration for the skin, leaving it incredibly silky and soft.

The Chocolate Facial Mask has a complete composition, rich in active principles that will hydrate the skin in depth, returning its shine, softness and vitality.

It is suitable for normal, dry or very dry skin, and also for skin that already shows signs of aging and/or needs deep hydration.

What makes it special:

Cocoa: Improves skin nutrition, fluid reabsorption and peripheral blood circulation.

Guarana: has antioxidant action (anti-free radicals).

Cupuaçu Butter: Emollient, leaves the skin soft, improves the recovery of the skin's natural moisture and elasticity, by strengthening the skin barrier.

White Clay: Suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in vitamins A, B and E. It acts as a softener, moisturizer, nourishing and emollient of the skin.

How to use: With the skin previously sanitized, apply a thick layer of the mask on the skin, let it act for 15 minutes and then remove the product with water.

If you wish, you can keep the product on your skin while you sleep and then wash it off with water when you wash your face in the morning.
It can also be used as a face cream (without removing the product from the skin).

Ingredients that are OUT of our formulas

On the top of everything listed above, all of our products are:

Parabens free.
Gluten free.
Ethyl Alcohol free.
Propylene Glycol free.